Roll-On Rainscreen

Non-Structural Rainscreen Furring

*Ask us about Roll-On used as a Window Shim


  • Strong .024'' Aluminum, 3/8'' Corrugated
    Compression-Tested at 3,000lbs/ft 

  • Fast, Easy Installation saves

  • Cut to Size, minimizes waste

  • Install Vertically or Horizontally; 
    drains/vents Vertically and Horizontally

  • Provides over 98% open wall area, promoting
    efficient drainage & drying 

  • Universal strip is used for both the furring & the top/bottom vents

  • Will not crush or trap moisture like polypropylene boards or mesh mats WILL

  • Will not warp, bow, split, or absorb water like pressure-treated wood furring WILL

  • Non-Combustible! 

  • 100% Recyclable!


Features and Benefits 

If you have been searching for an effective, NON-COMBUSTIBLE alternative to polypropylene, mesh, or plywood, Roll-On Rainscreen is the solution for you!

  Product Resources:


Installation Instructions:

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