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FM3-VHV™ 20 gauge

Structural Rainscreen Furring

*Click here for our NON-STRUCTURAL 22 gauge FM3-VHV™

 Features and Benefits

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  • 20 gauge Steel Grade 37 provides long-term Structural 
    attachment for various claddings


  • AZ50 ZINCALUME® hot-dip coating ensures long-term corrosion resistance superior to traditional G90 

  • Available 3/8" depth eliminates build-out costs 

  • Exclusive corrugated flanges provide proper Drainage & Drying capabilities both vertically & horizontally

  • Install VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY to eliminate the
    cost & hassle of 

  • Adheres to James Hardie® structural furring requirements*
    (*20g steel, hat-channel design, 3/8'' depth) 

  • SOLVES the PROBLEM of structural attachment points for 
    Outside Corner
    Trim pieces over 1''+ Continuous Insulation

  • Will not crush or trap moisture like polypropylene battens and mesh mats WILL

  • Will not absorb water or warp/bow/split like wood WILL

  • Painting & Custom Color Matching available!


Which depth of FM3 VHV™ best fits your project?

3/8" Hat-Channel


3/4" Hat-Channel


  Product Resources:

Installation Instructions:

Flysheet & Grade Data Sheet: 

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